The Guildford location

Guildford town centre is a 10 minute walk to the University of Surrey and offers a wide range of things to do and see. The town caters for all ages with over 100 places to eat and drink, 3 shopping centres filled with a number of retailers, 3 theatres and 1 cinema.

For some highlights:


Guildford has three shopping centres which are The Friary, White Lion Walk and Tunsgate Quarter. The Friary Guildford is the most popular places for people to shop and has a reputation of being one of the best shopping centres in Surrey. White Lion Walk joins North Street from The Friary to the cobbled High Street and offers a number of shops as you walk through. Finally Tunsgate Quarter is a modern shopping centre which offers a number of high-end retailers and restaurants.

Food and drink

Guildford offers a large number of pubs in the area which cater for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of local ales, gin, whisky or live music there is a perfect place for you. see details here

Walks, parks and history

You can take a walk down the beautiful Chapel Street and take a look at the castle which dates back to 1300 or explore a number of parks and walks which Guildford has to offer.

Guildford is home to some of Surrey’s best countryside and a number of parks have been awarded the Green Flag Award, which has been set up to recognise the best parks and green spaces in the country. For a more detailed look at Guildford’s countryside and parks watch this short video by clicking here